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Optimum: "greatest degree attainable" | Health: "being sound in body, mind, or spirit" — Webster

OPTIMUM HEALTH CHICAGO supports and assists individuals and groups in obtaining their goal of optimum health. We do this through workshops, retreats, corporate and group presentations, lectures, medical school and hospital presentations, and some individual consultations.

Our Main Workshops
Our main workshops are entitled, "In Search of Optimum Health," "Eight Weeks to Optimum Health" and "Healthy Aging."

These are interactive workshops, covering all ten aspects of optimum health. We usually cook together, have lecture presentations, discussions, group interactions, exercise, and mental and spiritual exercises.

These workshops are for those seeking natural health and spontaneous healing. They are designed to enhance what you intuitively know: how to be fit and healthy in a natural way, and how to easily incorporate healthy principles into your busy life. The course is for all seekers of optimum health: people who simply want to improve, cancer and heart attack survivors, people at risk (diabetes, high cholesterol), and those desiring stress reduction or weight control. Upcoming Workshops >

One to Four Day Workshops
We also offer one to four day workshops, giving the same principles but in varying degrees of abbreviation.

Presentations usually last one hour, but vary with the need.

Medical Presentations
Medical Presentations cover Integrative Medicine and Surgery. Topics are "Optimizing your total joint patient" and "How to get the best result from your total joint replacement".

Consultations & Second Opinions
We offer consultations for those wanting a private consult with a prescription for lifestyle change. We also provide
consultation and/or second opinion for any orthopedic problem.

Optimum Health Chicago was founded by Dennis Gates and Thomas Cronin in l998. Dr. Gates started doing these workshops for orthopedic patients in l996, and Tom Cronin, a healthy life coach, started them for cancer patients in l997. They met and combined their work.